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Windows.Forms.Keys to OpenTK.Input.Keys

is there an easy way to convert / map Windows.Forms.Keys to OpenTK.Input.Key ?

Because for example Windows.Forms.Keys.A == 0x41 and OpenTK.Input.Key.A == 0x53.



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You could make a Dictionary Map...

Dictionary<Windows.Forms.Keys, OpenTK.Input.Key> keys = new Dictionary<Windows.Forms.Keys, OpenTK.Input.Key>();
//Then do:
keys.Add(Windows.Forms.Keys.A, OpenTK.Input.Key.A);

Then if you want to get the OpenTK equivalent of a pressed WinForms key just do: keys[Windows.Forms.Keys.A] and it will get you OpenTK.Input.Key.A
Of course to make such a list is boring work but you just have to type it one time :)

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A large switch statement would be even faster than a dictionary.

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But indeed a (static) function for OpenTK-Key to WinForms-Key might be nice, any chance/interest in having this in the library? Is "clear out all WinForms dependencies" (which I think is a really nice and want to have thing) a problem here?

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There is some overlap ranges in the enums, so I think it will be faster(little) to use "if, else if" statements. In those range, such as A-Z, just convert using:
(OpenTK.Input.Keys)formsKey + offset

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From experience this is usually no good thing to do since the codes may be different on other platforms, or even change for one platform (the system is still consistent then unless something relies on the castdown to e.g. integer).

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I know this is old but for most keys this would work:

private static OpenTK.Input.Key ConvertKey(System.Windows.Forms.Keys key)
        return (OpenTK.Input.Key)Enum.Parse(typeof(OpenTK.Input.Key), Enum.GetName(typeof(System.Windows.Forms.Keys), key));
        return OpenTK.Input.Key.Unknown;