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TexImage3D deprecated?

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report
Status:in progress

OpenGL signatures.xml has this line:

<function name="TexImage3D" extension="Core" category="VERSION_1_2" version="1.2" deprecated="3.1">

In effect, generating a slim OpenTK by skipping deprecated features in Bind results OpenTK without TexImage3D. I think this function is not deprecated and the signature should be fixed.


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Status:open» by design

TexImage3d is indeed deprecated. Check gl.spec:

TexImage3D(target, level, internalformat, width, height, depth, border, format, type, pixels)
	return		void
	param		target		TextureTarget in value
	param		level		CheckedInt32 in value
	param		internalformat	TextureComponentCount in value
	param		width		SizeI in value
	param		height		SizeI in value
	param		depth		SizeI in value
	param		border		CheckedInt32 in value
	param		format		PixelFormat in value
	param		type		PixelType in value
	param		pixels		Void in array [COMPSIZE(format/type/width/height/depth)]
	category	VERSION_1_2
	dlflags		handcode
	glxflags	client-handcode server-handcode EXT
	version		1.2
	deprecated	3.1 <------------------------
	glxropcode	4114
	offset		371

Either the spec has a bug (in which case I will report it to the Khronos bug tracker) or you are supposed to use texture arrays instead of 3d textures.

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It's in the latest GL specification, and nowhere mention to be deprecated. So this must be a bug in gl.spec - please report to Khronos.

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Version:all versions» 1.x-dev
Status:by design» in progress

Thanks, reported as bug #449.