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Meshes and Objects

Hello, during development I tend to use helper meshes of displaying tests. I found the "shape" class and it's extensions from source useful. Are there any plans to embed easy mesh creation in later versions?

P.S. There are already some other mesh creation methods in Glu (cylinder e.t.c.), would it be better to keep Glu compatibility as is, but provide a new and structured implementation for objects creation?


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There was an extensive discussion on this topic at http://www.opentk.com/node/58, but no conclusion was reached.

The "Shape" class was an experiment and there are no plans for further development at this moment. That said, there are plans for an OpenTK.Utilities.dll, which will house things like Inertia's texture loader, so there definitely is a place for something like this - provided someone steps up and implements this idea :)

This could either be built on top of Glu, or as a new implementation. There arguments for and against both approaches, although personally I'd prefer the latter for flexibility reasons.

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The reason why I've stopped posting in the other thread is solely that the decision made there is something that cannot be changed easily, once it's made. More opinions are required to make a decision that can last (satisfies most people's needs).

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Indeed, design decisions are crucial but I think in the future the most important features will be made in production line. ;)