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Using GLWidget with Glade

Hi guys,

I'm trying to get GLWidget to work in Glade. Does anyone have a working example of it? Share, please.

I've buit GLWidget and I'm able to load the Glade file and produce a window. I would like to have an OpenGL area on it, preferably with an ability to control it over Glade designer.

As far as I understand, adding a custom control to Glade is not an easy task. Adding the control at run-time should be simpler. Can someone give me a hint?

Thanks in advance.


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GLControl relies on WinForms, whereas Glade is a GTK+ designer. I somehow doubt they can work together (but I've never used Glade so I wouldn't know).

Chances might be better with GLWidget.

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Thanks for the feedback, Fiddler.

I'm actually using GLWidget (editing the post now).
Sorry for the confusion...

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My solution/example for those who interested: