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Couldn't find entry point in OpenGL.dll

I want to use the function glClearBuffer but when I compile the code there comes the error, that the entry point wasn't found in the OpenGL.dll.


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GL.ClearBuffer() is a GL 3.0 function. You need to ensure that GL.GetString(StringName.Version) returns "3.0" or higher before using it. Note that Intel cards are limited to GL 2.1 and older right now.

(Maybe you meant to use GL.Clear() instead?)

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I use Muliple Render Targets and I want to clear every buffer with another color, so I cannot use GL.Clear() or can I tell OpenGL which buffer he has to clear with GL.Clear()?

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I think you need GL.ClearBuffer() for this (but someone else might have a better idea). Check that GL 3.0+ is available on your card.

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GL.GetString(StringName.Version) return 2.1.2.

But on the internet site of nvidia stands that the Geforce GTX 275 support OpenGL 3.0.

I've installed the actual graphic card driver.

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In that case, you should probably update your drivers. This card supports GL 3.3.

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I've installed the actual driver with the version 267.91. (I think 180.29 was the first driver with OpenGL 3.0 support).
But GetString(StringName.Version) return 2.1.2

I've run the OpenTK example programm "OpenGL extentions" and there it tells me, that my computer has OpenGL 3.0.

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Hm, the driver is probably return 2.1.2 for compatibility (older applications may not recognize 3.x, so they play it safe and return these versions only for new contexts - i.e. the ones you create by specifying a version number in the GameWindow/GLControl/GraphicsContext constructor).

Does it still crash though?

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That was the problem. I've initialized GLControl with new GLControl(GraphicsMode.Default);

And if I initialized it with new GLControl(GraphicsMode.Default, 3, 0, GraphicsContextFlags.Debug); then GetString(StringName.Version)); return 3.0.0

Thank you for the help