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Controlling GLControl default constructor.

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:feature request

Is it possible to add a "pre-constructor" configuration for GLControl? Something like:

// "Form.cs"
GLControl.DefaultSettings = // mode, version, flags, etc.
// "Form.Designer.cs"
... new GLControl(); // creates a new GLControl with the "default" settings specified above.

This way it won't be necessary to update the constructor line each time Visual Studio rewrites the *.Designer.cs file.
I know it is possible to programmatically add a GLControl to a form, but AFAIK you loose the comfort of the Designer that way.

Such a mechanism would help a lot in case of complicated GUIs with two or more OpenGL 3+ GLControls. Currently, I'm using about six of them and maintenance is becoming a nightmare.


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Right now, the best approach would be to create your own custom control and add that to your forms:

class MyGLControl : GLControl
    public MyGLControl()
        : base(/*mode, version, flags, etc*/)
    { }

A static 'pre-constructor' would be rather uninituitive, IMO, since it won't fit in the WinForms model (or, at least, I haven't seen any other WinForms Controls follow this pattern).

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Duh, I could do that. I should do that.

Is that enough as far as WinForms are concerned? It probably is.
My knowledge in this area is quite lacking.


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This works fine, plus it gives you a chance to tune the interface to your liking.

The downside is that it's not very discoverable. I'll add a note to the class documentation that you should do this for AA/custom GraphicsModes.