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Walk around the VBO's

Here is my newest test code. Basically I am trying to create a an environment of objects that I can walk around. You can move the camera using W,A,S,D and up an down are Q and Z. R will reset the camera to the initial position.

A single VBO and a single texture are created and placed as many cubes. It still runs like a dog but I yet to try doing any frustum culling or anything other optimizations.

Sorry, the code is way to large to paste here for this one (I have split it into 1000 classes) but the project is open source and i have been calling it Kinetic.

Source code can be found here
and the main class is in Kinetic-Examples as 008.




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Over the easter break I did an update to this code. I implemented my own mouse lock so I can have a first person (fps) like controller. The demo now locks the mouse to the window and lets you look around and walk using the w,a,s,d keys. Hit escape to release the mouse.

I will keep playing with the OpenTK hide cursor stuff but it does not really do what I want I dont think. I will need to add some calls to the OpenTK package to simply hide the cursor without doing any cleverness to lock it.

You can find the current version in my Dropbox here ->