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Vbo and MapBuffer with VB.Net. Problem with IntPtr

Hi !
I'm learning how to work with vbo and I can create one and draw it. Now, I want to use "MapBuffer" to access and modify data like in this tutorial

I work with VB.Net and have problem to convert this part to vb.Net as I don't know how to work with pointers.

  fixed ( ushort* SystemMemory = &Indices[0] )
    ushort* VideoMemory = (ushort*) VideoMemoryIntPtr.ToPointer();
    for ( int i = 0; i < Indices.Length; i++ ) 
      VideoMemory[ i ] = SystemMemory[ i ]; // simulate what GL.BufferData would do
GL.UnmapBuffer( BufferTarget.ElementArrayBuffer );

What could be a good conversion of this code please ?


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Since VB doesn't support pointers, you have to use Marshal.Copy:

Marshal.Copy(DirectCast(DirectCast(Indices, Object), Short()), 0, VideoMemoryIntPtr, Indices.Length)