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VectorN clean up, refactoring, and additions

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:feature request

There are some inconsistencies in the different vector structs that I would like to resolve. In particular:

  • The Max and Min methods are component-wise max/min for some vector types and magnitude based for others. It seems logical to make Max() and Min() component-wise so XNA ported code doesn't end up with odd bugs. The magnitude ones could be renamed to MagnitudeMax() and MagnitudeMin().
  • Vector2 defines Transform for quaternions but not matrices.
  • Constructors for promoting to larger vectors aren't always defined (for example Vector3(Vector2, float) doesn't exist).

There are some additional features I would like to see added as well such as CatmullRom interpolation and a compenent-wise vector-vector multiply operator. Some shorthand methods that are replacements for XNA ported code would be nice as well, for example Distance(Vector, Vector). I ran into, and solved, many of these issues when porting Farseer Physics to OpenTK and I'd like to see them rolled into a future version of OpenTK if possible.

It would also be nice to have some way of ensuring consistency between the vector types. With 6 structs all implementing many of the same methods, it seems like there's bound to be discrepancies. Struct inheritance would be ideal for this if it existed. Instead, implementing a generic interface might be the way to go. An interface would also allow for a generic static helper class that could implement things such as CatmullRom, requiring only 1 implementation + 6 wrappers rather than 6 implementations. What thoughts and preferences do people have about this?


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These are true issues.

Please create a different bug report (feature request) for CatmullRom, so we can discuss implementation details without littering this bug report.

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Sounds good. I've opened a new issue for the Catmull-Rom interpolation: