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Two mice

I connected two mice to my PC, and printed gameWindow.InputDriver.Mouse.Count. Got "1".

Then I tried accessing RawInput directly:

	public IntPtr hDevice;
	public int dwType;
extern static uint GetRawInputDeviceList(IntPtr pRawInputDeviceList, ref uint uiNumDevices, uint cbSize);
public static void Main(string[] args)
	int dwSize = ( Marshal.SizeOf( typeof( RAWINPUTDEVICELIST )));
	uint deviceCount = 0;
	GetRawInputDeviceList( IntPtr.Zero, ref deviceCount, (uint)dwSize );
	Console.WriteLine("deviceCount = {0}", deviceCount);

The result was "6". Then I disconnected the second mouse just in case, and I got "5" as expected. So the problem seems to be in OpenTK.

Any idea?


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Ah, looks like the RawInput implementation is unused in OpenTK right now. OpenTK.Platform.Windows.WinFactory just creates a WinGLNative, which doesn't use the OpenTK.Input.InputDriver class, so WinRawInput isn't used.

Is that right? Is RawInput unsupported?

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Check out svn trunk and use OpenTK.Input.Mouse instead of GameWindow.Mouse. This provides multiple mice on all operating systems!

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Thanks. How stable is svn trunk usually?

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Always used svn-version and it's stable (and if something does not work right, write bug report right away, so it will be fixed to svn).