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Whats the logic to handle UVMaps

Hi all,

i have written a LightWave Object importer. So far so good. But when it comes to UVMapping i have two kinds of UVMaps.
One is a normal one, one TexCoords per Vertex and the other one is for discontinous UVMaps. No problems so far.


I have a box and it is mapped with discontinous UVs. So every of the 8 vertices has more than one TexCoord.
What is the next step now?
Do i split the vertices by polygon? Which would lead to 36 vertices.
Or is there an other way to handle this?

And a bonus-question:
Does it make sense to support multiple UVSets? Since LW Objects can have more than one on a vertex. Or is that nearlly never used in realtime?

Thank you very much!


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As far as I know, the usual solution is to have duplicate the vertices.

You might be able to save some memory by using non-interleaved attributes (i.e. upload vertex coords, texcoords, etc into different buffers) but I don't know whether that would be worth the extra management cost.