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there are a lot of spambots (or spamhumans ;)) in the forum and the spam filter is checking all my posts. is the same happening to all of you?


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Yeah, at first I try to "Post Comment", but then I need to enter CAPTCHA word verification.

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There was a sudden spambot attack recently so I had to harden the filters. I'll relax them as soon as bots calm down.

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That would avoid the constant spam ...

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Exactly 1 year later the spam returns. Banned over 10 users today and deleted the same amount of useless posts before reporting them to Mollom. The bots actually got better, some posts were actually something a real person might add or ask to the topic. I banned them for posting off-topic URLs though.

Actually I'm close to banning the "hitcom" guy who posted above too, since he registered 7 hours and this is his only post and I'm pretty sure it's just a random reply to avoid deletion due to inactivity ;)

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What actually surprises me, is how come a spambot is able to fill in a captcha... God knows it takes me at least a couple tries on my best day to get past a captcha, how is a program able to do it better than a human.. beats me every time!

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Just got spambot'd. Clever design, copying my first post and adding "thank you" and a link..... How they manage to do captchas, I'll never know. Perhaps a tougher captcha is in order?

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Apologies for the continuing spam, I'm deleting everything I come across and somehow actually do enjoy deleting the posts and nuking users. Guess it's true that power corrupts.
According to Mollom it is not an automated spam attack but there is actually a person bored enough (or paid for it, or craving really bad for attention) who is filling out the captchas.

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puklaus wrote:


Well, at least he's honest....

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Hah, just kidding :D