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there are a lot of spambots (or spamhumans ;)) in the forum and the spam filter is checking all my posts. is the same happening to all of you?


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How the spambots compromize the system? I see that when you post a message you can type a CAPTCHA code or it's not depend on CAPTCHA?

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It may be, that in some "SEO for dummies book" or SEO forum some guy posted a list of URL where people can "improve their google rank if they put their URL in the signature and make some random post" and opentk.com is one among them. We have very relaxed registration procedure and google ranks us high for the topic opengl.

This would explain alot: for example why the captchas seem to be entered by humans, why the posts sound like something humans might add to a discussion and questions that make sense in the context, would explain why there is no clear pattern to the sites that are advertised etc.

Dear Spammers,
Google sell search engine hits. This means, they are extremely interested in countering any attempts of you to get a high search ranking without paying them. Especially if you do something as pointless as advertising non-programming wares in a programmer's forum will result in their attention. (Google's search engine does nothing else besides data mining and recognizing patterns, and you are acting suspicious) Attempting to cheat google will lead to them blacklisting ("burned domain") your website, which you really, seriously, I-kid-you-not don't want for your business.

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Thanks for all the info :-)

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yea, there was one lastnight too. then i called her out on spamming and she got defensive. i decided to just let it be and leave it to you all.

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This is because the spammers want to get SEO Backlinks for their websites so they can rank higher.
Its because this is a high ranking google rank site.

It'll go away soon I'm sure.
Thanks for the great framework by the way.

EDIT: What Inertia said is basically correct. Although, Inertia: Posting back links won't get you blacklisted straight away, it really depends on the frequency of keywords, and how many back links are generated in a certain time.

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To site admin

A search through the "Signature" of each member will help locate spammers and delete their posts. It's bad to see the website polluted like that.

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You know people make come here to add in some good knowledge and add in their backlinks at the same time, or others such as a previous poster is bold enough to give you a solution and post double backlinks. Either way if the person is creating intellectual content that adds to your forum and wants to add a back link then so be it, I see the frustration in "spam bots" or just the people that come in here and say "spam" or just a simple hello and add their BL's in a sense rob this forum. But for the few that add intellect and their back links it should be taken as a bonus that these individuals have come to your forum to add knowledge of topic and have a perk themselves for adding a BL, start deleting everyone and everything that posts a link and you begin to lose knowledge and then you end up with a dead forum. Just my thoughts

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Youn1961: Except that 99.99% of the links is brain dead spam with some added value gibberish. No thanks.
Erikcollins is very close to being classified as spam. I'm leaving it be but another admin might delete that post. And that would be a valid option as well.

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^ oh the irony...

(Just my luck, I start a new page of comments. I meant the spam posts on the bottom of the last page)

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Heheh deleted them ;)

I've had some unpleasant thought regarding this spam - what if it's not people attempting to promote their business, but instead it's their competitors trying to get them blacklisted?

Edit: As in improve your own ranking not by manipulation directly, instead lower your competitors ranking so you look better in comparison.