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textures not working on nvidia (opengl 3, sl 1.3, win7 64, .net 3.5)


first of all, thanks to everyone who contributes in opentk. it's a great thing.

after playing around for 2 weeks (opengl 3, sl 1.3, win7 64, .net 3.5), some questions came up:

1. is there a official IRC channel for opentk related live discussion?

2. I do not get textures on nvidia graphics adapters (tested on 3 different machines) - not even when running the official examples coming with opentk;
everything works fine on ATI.
here's what gdebugger says (the texture has correct dimension but all colors and alpha are set to 0):

gdebugger says ...

I've tried all combinations of pixel formats with no success.
since it is working on a machine with an ATI card, I'm kind of lost ... does anyone have an idea what I might be missing or is this a known issue?
my main resource for testing is the source I found here: Loading a texture from disk

thanks for your time,


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Now that's strange. What driver version are you using? I've never seen such an issue up to nvidia 25x.xx (haven't checked since but this shouldn't happen). This happens in both GL2.x and 3.x applications, no matter whether you are using shaders or not?

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hi! got it working now. until now I was not displaying the texture - only watching what's happening with gdebugger. now, as I'm applying it to a model, it is there and everything seems right. my asumption is that nvidia is caching them somewhere if it's not actually used. this is just a guess - don't know if that is valid information.
thank you anyway for your reply!
my question #1 is still unreplied: is there a irc channel for opentk related discussion?

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I checked again ... in gdebugger it is still not showing the texture though it is displayd in the program itself correctly. maybe an issue on gdebugger side with nvidia chipset.... dunno...