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Changing resolution and fullscreen state while running.

I have been adding graphics settings to my project. But I cannot figure out how to correctly change the resolution or go in or out of fullscreen mode while the the project is running.

Using WindowState = WindowState.Fullscreen; and WindowState = WindowState.Fullscreen; work, but they modify the viewing area and setting GL.Viewport doesn't fix it.

I am currently changing the monitor resolution with DisplayDevice.GetDisplay(DisplayIndex.Default).ChangeResolution

Can someone please explain the correct procedure to changing the resolution and/or fullscreen state in while the game is running.


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To change the resolution use DisplayDevice.ChangeResolution(). To move the application window to/from fullscreen, use WindowState = WindowState.Fullscreen and call GL.Viewport to update the viewport.

These will work even when the game is running. Do note that you will need to recreate any window-sized FBO textures/renderbuffers you are using.

There's nothing more to it - this should work fine. Can you describe the problem you are encountering in a little more detail?

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Success! I have managed to get it working. I was having a problem where the view area was incorrect after I set the viewport and GameWindow Height/Width. But I fixed that recreating my camera.

Yesterday I was also having problems with the monitor resolution not changing when calling DisplayDevice.ChangeResolution() in some cases, but today, it seems to have been magically fixed.

The only problem I am currently having is restoring the monitor to the desktop resolution (not necessarily the native resolution) for when I swap from fullscreen to windowed. DisplayDevice.RestoreResolution() appears to have no effect.

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Which OS and opentk version are you using?

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Windows 7 64bit, the version of OpenTK.dll is 1.1.399.52617