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High level OpenTK

Hello, I am a new user of OpenTK, it seems very promising and usable. Well done guys! But I would like to ask if are there any plans to make higher level functions to enhance RAD programming (add some game engine standard features as stable).

Keep up the good work!


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It depends on what features you are looking for. OpenTK 0.9.1 will ship with an OpenTK.Utilities dll, which will hold some higher level functionality (DDS, Wav and Ogg Vorbis loaders, Font functionality etc). This is stuff that builds on top of the core OpenTK.dll functions (e.g. fonts build on top of OpenGL, and so on), with the goal to make development easier. (Contributions to this library are very welcome!)

OpenTK is not a 3d engine though. Scenegraphs, physics, collision detection, map editors etc are outside the scope of this library.

What kind of functionality are you interested in?

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OK, that was what I would like to know. :)