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GameWindow loads slowly

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:support request

I have started experimenting with OpenTK on Windows. I have created a simple application with a GameWindow class that draws a triangle. I've noticed that it takes about 3-4 seconds for the game window to appear after starting the application. Why does it take so long? How can I make it faster? Thank you.


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This may be related:


I am currently using a custom version of OpenTK SVN that only loads a subset of entry points. I have managed to cut down the dll size to around 900kB, and I think startup times are also faster.

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Hm, so you mean OpenTK loads too many extensions that I wouldnt even need? What are these?

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What video card and driver version are you using?

A saw a similar issue (3-4 seconds) after a recent Ati update but I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause.

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OS: Windows 7 x64
Card: ATI HD 5770
Driver version: 8.821.0.0 (2011.01.26.) Catalyst Version 11.2

Now installed driver: 8.850.0.0 (2011.04.19.) Catalyst Version 11.5
Still having the same issue.

Friend of mine:
OS: Windows 7 x86
Card: ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT
Driver version: 8.821.0.0 (2011.01.26.) Catalyst Version 11.2

He is also having the same issue.

I also tried on linux with mono, it started there instantly! It seems to be a Windows problem.

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Here is the test application I used:

It takes about 1 second for "Starting..." to appear in the console, then it takes 3 seconds for the gl window to appear.
I think this is quite annoying. Why is this faster on linux and mac?

static void Main(string[] args)
	MyWindow win = new MyWindow();
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I used SlimTune to profile. You have to let the app run a few seconds, I did not get any data if I closed the app too soon though.

Slimtune OpenTK startup

The contents of Test1.MyWindow.ctor() are the interesting part: most of that time is spent in GraphicsContext constructor (16%) and GraphicsContext.LoadAll (10%). Looking deeper, SetGraphicsModePFD() is taking time, and if you look even deeper than what is in the image, there seems to be some sort of recursive stuff going on.

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Its one of the most annoying thing when I'm thinking about choosing OpenTK.
My applications need several seconds to load, and I don't want to loose another 4 seconds just for OpenTK to load.
So no idea for this issue?

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Status:open» confirmed

I can reproduce but the cause is not yet obvious.

A delay of ~350ms is to be expected given the current architecture but these 4 seconds are a new issue that only happens on Ati.

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This also happens on nVidia; I have two computers that take 4 seconds before the window is opened and they both have nVidia cards; one has an old 8800 and the other one has a GT330

Is this linked to the number of extensions, or does it perform something else that takes time?
I can run some tests if there is something specific to troubleshoot.

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From what I see, the issue is in LoadEntryPoints;
on the nVidia GT330, I have 2279 delegates to parse.

The two questions I have:
- Can these delegates be split up quickly in categories to determine what we need and what we don't? (maybe before doing some more expensive operations)
- Has anyone tried to replace the 'foreach' by a Parallel.ForEach to see what happens?