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Project Forum Rules.

This forum is now superseded by the blog and project database services. Please use the blog to talk about your project development and add an entry into the project database once you have something concrete for other users to download.

Thank you.

This board is intended to give OpenTK users the opportunity to showcase and attract attention to their projects. Your posts can also act as a personal development diary.

First of all, it is not a requirement that your project is either open-source or non-commercial. You may introduce closed, commercial projects in this section under the condition that it builds ontop of OpenTK.

If you intend to introduce your project here, you should:

  1. Describe your project's goals, features, techniques and other technical details.
  2. Provide at least 1 screenshot (placeholder graphics and debugging aids are perfectly fine).
  3. Regularly update your project post, until the project is complete, where regularly means at least once a month, or so.

Don't forget to add a link to your project's homepage, if one exists! However the description you post here may not force the reader to visit any links outside this website in order to understand the scope of your project.

Please make sure you have something tangible to show before adding a project here; like a prototype, screenshots or a (youtube) video. Do not add projects that are still in the planning stage, theory and practice are just too far away from each other!
Keep in mind that inactive or abandoned projects will be moved to the archive after a sufficient period of time. :)

Last, but not least, please consider contributing small demos that show off single techniques (bump-mapping, cel shading, etc) as OpenTK tutorials - to help fellow developers out - rather than creating a project topic for showcasing them.

Thank you :)