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Fullscreen, dual monitor, Ubuntu 11.04

Hey all.

So I've (finally) made the swap from Tao to OpenTK, but I'm having some trouble getting fullscreen running in Ubuntu 11.04 (classic mode). Previously I used Glut for fullscreen as GLFW and SDL both failed at fullscreen on dual monitors. In Ubuntu I use the proprietary Nvidia driver with TwinView to create a 1680x2100 screenbuffer (2 x 22" monitors). Xrandr is reporting the correct dimensions. Also, not only is the game incorrectly running windowed mode, but gnome/unity resizes it to fit on only 1 monitor, so 1680x1050. This makes me a sad panda :(

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

PS: is there any opentk irc-channel anymore?


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Right, so after looking a little harder I found a sample which set fullscreen in the Load event. Attempting this resulted in fullscreen on one monitor, but still not both..

Addendum 1: The resolution is correct before setting WindowState = OpenTK.WindowState.Fullscreen; At this point the window is resized from 1680x2100 to 1678x996.. No attempts at resizing the window manually after this point has been successful thus far.

Addendum 2: I found a solution, sort of -- It's more a workaround than a solution. Turning on Xinerama in addition to TwinView allows the GameWindow to run fullscreen on both monitors. Not exactly recommended, but at least it works.