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Want to develop a small app that can load any game exe file and covert it to stereoscopic 3D


If you all know about stereoscopy, you may have heard about Tridef 3D and it's ignition application or IZ3D, and nvidia 3D vision.
Both these converts any game application to stereoscopic 3D, i want to create similar application to convert any application to work with Quad Buffer stereo technology. Is there any one here who can help me on it?

Thanks in advance


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Here you can see a working example on how to create an anaglyph stereoscopic application.
This way I think that you could make a video player, or image viewer. The quality of the result depends on the algorithm that you would write for converting 2D content to 3D.

But I don't know exactly how you could convert any application to 3D. It seems that you need to go to low level system programming and actually start messing with device rendering context buffers. Also, I think that in the same way you could hack the 3D camera viewport (OpenGL/DirectX) in order to get proper Left-Right perspective.

There was a guy made an application that worked like a screenshot tool, but instead of simple 2D screenshots he actually grabbed the whole 3D world in an obj file. So it's possible to hack graphics devices, but it's also very difficult and dangerous.