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AudioReader not implemented?

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions
Category:support request

Visual Studio is not recognising the AudioReader class.
Thus, I can not load sound files as described in the documentation.

Any help regarding how to fix this, would be very much appreciated.


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AudioReader has been deprecated and exists in OpenTK.Compatibility.dll for backwards compatibility. The documentation should be updated to reflect that (which documentation is that? I couldn'tfind anything relevant in the manual).

Loading audio files falls outside the proper of this library (OpenAL and, by extension, OpenTK know nothing about file formats. They only provide the means to communicate with the audio hardware).

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AudioReader is referenced in Devices, Buffers, and X-Ram, shortly after the comment "//Load a .wav file from disk." Right after the bit about X-Ram, it says AudioReader sound = new AudioReader(filename). Without a semicolon, now that I look at it ...

The method listed under OpenAL Playback in Examples is the "preferred" way of doing it now, right? (Or at the very least, it's clearly one which works ...)

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Version:1.0-2010-10-06» all versions
Status:open» closed

The documentation has been updated to remove references to AudioReader, thanks.