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Agg-Sharp a c# port of AGG with GL Acceleration

Just wanted to post that we (Reflexive inc. are creating a c# version of AGG, originally written by Maxim Shemanarev in C++ (

It is currently quite functional and the SVN builds have a good bit of OpenGL support, including a polygon tessellator. There are many samples that show how the whole thing works and it is in active development, as we are planing to use it for shipping titles soon.

Currently I am looking at the possibility of using OpenTK for our hardware abstraction layer.

Hopefully there is some value in this to some of you.



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Thanks, this looks very interesting. This is the link to the port of the tesselator, which is quite cool.

Please keep us updated on your project! Consider adding some more details on the techincal side of AGG, and maybe a couple of screenshots too. Most of us are not familiar with this project and these would be very interesting.

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Project summary does not meet the sticky's minimum requirements. Please re-evaluate how far those are met.

You may c&p from the websites linked, but just linking to other websites is not acceptable. The links in the post are no problem, but the description may not force the reader to visit them in order to understand the scope of your project. (This has been discussed before opening the project section, but got overlooked when we truncated the discussion for the sticky. Updated now.)

Please correct this before next weekend (~23.2.2008) or your project will be removed.

(this reply will be deleted once the description is updated)