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What can i do to make it look nice / nicer?

Hello everyone,

I know this question sounds stupid, but im stuck with it.

[OpenTK + C# ]
The thing is, I am working on a simple 2D Tower defence game, to get myself into the whole OpenGL stuff.

Well I am at the point that the game is working and all, but the graphics look boring. No matter how hard i try making detailed textures (png files) it is still not enough.

So at the moment I just draw stuff on screen (using BeginMode.Quads + Texture) , no effects or anything. Well i do use bleinding i bellieve to make Transparent textures work (oh wow).

What can i do to make it look nicer the easy way?

By that is there anything where i need just one line (sounds stupid i know) infront of the drawing methods like


I tried using lightning, but i failed hard not beeing able to create a spotlight arround my cursor on a 2D scenery.

tl;dr I cant find any decent tutorial.


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Haha, if only it was that easy. :)

Could you perhaps post some screenshots? It's usually a lot of work to get cool effects from scratch with OpenGL. For OpenGL to be as powerful as it is, it needs to be extremely versatile, and this makes it vastly more difficult to get started with than using a framework (like XNA), or an engine of some sort.

Even so there might be a few obvious things you can do to improve the graphics. If you like some of the effects in my own game : then I can give you some tips, but you'll need to choose something specific. There's certainly no "make-everything-look-cool" button anywhere. :P

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Thank you for your quick reply. I know there is no "do all the work for me".
I want to learn stuff. Thats why i basically seek for advice / tutorials.

*edit HOLY Shit your game looks awesome!

This is my progress sofar:
As you see, it still looks pretty boring. I know that i could add more detailed textures and such - im working on it. (Needz more timez)

For the future, i plan to make the path more natural and also adding various grass textures with some details.
The Projectiles and Towers will be reworked aswell. Only thing im proud of are the creeps imho :)

Still i came to the conclusion that better textures wont be the whole deal.

Its fully functional. Its Missing GUI though, had other goals till now.

I can add creeps / towers and levels by simply editing a texftile. So the game itself is almost finished.

This is my usual "render code"

        GL.Color4(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f,1.0f);
            	GL.Vertex3(-Tile_Size, -Tile_Size, 0.0f);
            	GL.Vertex3(Tile_Size, -Tile_Size, 0.0f);
            	GL.Vertex3(Tile_Size, Tile_Size, 0.0f);