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QuickFont - Text Printing and Font Generation Library 0.9.2

Download: QuickFont_0.9.2.zip
Size: 1.49 MB
md5_file hash: 6d072b7100ddb262074c6a097d9001e0
First released: 21 August, 2011 - 14:11

Added monospacing support. Fonts which are naturally monospaced will automatically be rendered in monospaced mode; however, one can optionally force monospacing on/off for any font using:

myFont.Options.Monospacing = QFontMonospacing.Yes;
myFont.Options.Monospacing = QFontMonospacing.No;
myFont.Options.Monospacing = QFontMonospacing.Natural; //the default : depends on whether the underlying ttf font was monospaced

One note of caution: if both monospacing and justify render options are enabled (which, of course, doesn't make sense) then justify will take priority and monospacing will not be respected. This applies to justification only. Left / right / bounded options should all work as you would expect with monospacing enabled.