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Windowed - Full Screen switching

I'm using GLControl in the project I'm working on; converting my project (Scrolling Game Development Kit 2) from DirectX to OpenGL. Things are going great, but I noticed that GLControl, although it has a windowed property, did not (in the version I downloaded) implement it. I too had a windowed property in my DirectX control, but I left it out when I converted my Display control to use OpenTK because I saw that it already had one to be implemented (I hope) at some point. The IDE is fully integrated with OpenTK now and some aspects of it are working better than they did with DirectX, I think. But as I proceed to carry this conversion into the projects generated by the IDE, I wonder if I will be able to allow the generated games to switch between windowed mode and full screen. Is that supported in any form yet, or will it be soon? Or should I find a way to support that manually.

Although I use GLControl in the IDE, I am considering using GameWindow in the generated projects (I haven't checked yet whether that might have better support for switching between windowed and full screen mode).


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WindowState = WindowState.Fullscreen

However, please post on a new thread instead of reviving a 1-year old one. :)