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Text-input, shift modifier.

I'd like to have text input within my game, and so I'd like to map key presses to their corresponding characters, complete with shift modifiers.

I can do this manually by mapping ranges to keys, e.g. :

            char keyChar;
            kval = (int)e.Key;
            if (kval >= (int)Key.A && kval <= (int)Key.Z)
                int val = kval - (int)Key.Number0;
                if (!shiftDown)
                    val += (int)'a';
                    val += (int)'A';
               keyChar = (char)val;

However, it's a bit painful to do this for every key on the keyboard, plus I'm sure it may vary depending on keyboard.

Is there a correct/better way of doing this?


James L.


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The KeyPress event does this translation for you.

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So it does! Thank you, that was easy. :)

I hadn't spotted it because I was expecting it to be in OpenTK.Input, but I appreciate that it depends on the native window and therefore needs to live where it is.