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Texturing Troubles


I'm running into some slight trouble with texturing. I've copied the OpenGL/1.x/Textures example exactly (except for a different texture and the use of VBOs, but these are definitely not the problem). However, when I run it, the quad shows up exactly where it should be, but it is rainbow colored instead of having the texture I supplied. Any ideas as to what might cause this?

Thanks in advance!


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This usually happens when the width, height or TextureFormat parameters for GL.TexImage2d are incorrect. Make sure you use the same parameters across both Bitmap.LockBits and GL.TexImage2d (i.e. don't use a 16bpp format in LockBits and a 32bpp in TexImage2d). Also try using a different image file, just to exclude the chance it might be a loading/decoding issue.

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The parameters were mismatched, but fixing that didn't solve the problem, and neither did changing the image.