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Call for opinions: what would make you look into KRI engine?

Hello people!

Stop for a second, please, and remember the first time you heard about KRI engine. Remember the missing feature, fact or a demo that made you close the web page. I would highly appreciate if you share this little thought with me, providing a valuable feedback and helping me to choose the right direction of development. "Nothing" is also accepted as an answer :)

Wondering cat
Thank you in advance!


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I just do not like the language BOO.

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I just do not know the language BOO.

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KRI Engine seems great, there are cool features about it.
But I am experienced in C# because I have been using it for 4 years now, Boo seems a bit odd to me and can't get used to it easily.

It was a few months ago when I tried KRI Engine once, but it would not work properly, perhaps it was too early to test.

Good luck with your project, and keep up the good work.

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Ya, Boo is the thing that does it for me. I may have had a look if it was C# but with it being Boo I'll steer clear of it. Honest opinion.

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Thanks everyone for you honest opinion!

The conclusion for me is straightforward. Now I can work peacefully knowing no-one is going to steal my precious code written in some alien-technology programming language :)

Really, I'm glad we made it for 4 answers at least. Please, don't hesitate to post more, ask questions and give valuable advises for future KRI development.