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Compiling Trunk in Monodevelop 2.6

Hi all, I'm trying to get openTK trunk compiled under MonoDevelop 2.6 on Win 7 x64 and I keep getting this build error:
Error CS2001: Source file 'E:\Projects\OpenTK\trunk\Source\GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs' could not be found (CS2001) (OpenTK)

I can successfully compile OpenTK\tags\1.0rc1 so I know my monoDevelop install is ok.

Is there a pre build step I should be doing here?




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Right click the Build.UpdateVersion project and build that first. This is an issue with MonoDevelop, if you build from the terminal, you'll see that it builds correctly (i.e. xbuild OpenTK.sln /p:Configuration=Release).

You can also try to enable the 'use xbuild' option in MonoDevelop, which appears to solve this issue (but may cause different ones instead).

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Thanks! All sorted.

So building the Build.UpdateVersion first didn't do anything and the xbuild option in monoDevelop didn't either but I suspect that may be because xbuild doesn't come with the monoDevelop package, this may work now I've installed the latest full mono package.

So after installing mono I used xbuild from cmd, this created GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs but also gave me some other build errors. So I then did a build in monoDevelop and all was fine. So I'm happy.