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I think the above mentioned function should accept GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENTn_EXT, in order to allow the use of framebuffer objects or is there an equivalent function which works with fbos?

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The opengl specs are 20 years old - there are several little problems like this, missing enums and so on.

You can work around the issue (and all similar issues), by using code like this:

'OpenTK.OpenGL.Enums.GLenum' (called 'GL.Enums.All' in the not-yet-released OpenTK 0.3.9) contains all available opengl enums, so if a specific one is missing you can always find it there and cast it to the appropriate type. I have tried reporting such bugs to the opengl spec group, but with OpenGL 3 so close now, they probably won't get fixed.

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Ah ok thank you.