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Fullscreen Mode does not work with Gnome Shell

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report

The GameWindow fails to open a fullscreen window.
This happens in Gnome Shell on Ubuntu 11.10.
The window opens but it just looks just like a normal window.


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I fear that both Unity and GnomeShell will give many problems. In both test to drag any window, the movement is not smooth. I have problems with MonoDevelop (floating panels) and I tested that disappear with Gnome Classic .


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Unfortunately, different WMs use different methods for fullscreen windows. I just updated my main workstation to Ubuntu 11.10 beta 2, so expect a fix soon.

@migueltk: if you are using Unity with fglrx drivers, install CCSM, head to General Options and disable VSync. Make sure the tearfree option is enabled in amdccle - this will fix the smoothness issue. For Gnome Shell, you must use the open-source drivers or wait for fglrx 11.9 which is supposed to fix several known bugs.