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Hi I want to learn OpenTK and wanted to know which OpenGL book is the best for a beginner.
I have some years of experience in C# and used XNA and SFML.Net before and want to learn OpenGL now.

What book would you recommend me?


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The OpenGL superbible 4th edition for OpenGL <= 2.1(fixed pipeline) and The OpenGL superbible 5th edition for OpenGL >=3.0

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Same recommendation here. It was the first opengl book I bought when it was its first edition. It still usefull today, but I don't use many fancy things that they have been adding over the years.

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Thanks, what about the red book? Is it a good book for a beginner too?

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The "OpenGL Programming Guide - Red Book" is the official guide and also very good and almost a needed addition. But I found the "OpenGL Super Bible" better for beginners, the best part is the one that deals with the fixed-function pipeline is where it shines, this book was originally written for it. As soon as you have learned the basics or if you want to dive directly into more advanced stuff like shaders, probably you will like to start looking the official documentation: the "red book 8th ed." and the "OpenGL Shadding Language - the orange book 3rd Ed.", since you said that you are familiar with XNA you might prefer these last two.

You can find the OpenGL Programming Guide 1.1 online here through the official OpenGL site. It's quite old but you can take a look at it, it's free.

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Thanks, thats what I wanted to know. :)

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Additionally, keep the official OpenGL wiki in your bookmarks! You will find answers for most common questions, advice and example code for tricky parts of the API.

The official OpenGL reference card is also invaluable (large PDF warning). I keep a printed version on my desktop at all times.