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TextureEnvMode.ReplaceExt has a different value than TextureEnvMode.Replace.

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report

TextureEnvMode.Replace is missing; it is in All.

TextureEnvMode.ReplaceExt has different value, which is also rejected on driver which accepts All.Replace.


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Title:Missing enum value TextureEnvMode.Replace» TextureEnvMode.ReplaceExt has a different value than TextureEnvMode.Replace.
Version:1.x-dev» 1.1-dev
Status:open» closed

TextureEvnMode.Replace was added in #2791: TextureEnvMode.Replace missing.

ReplaceExt is defined as part of TextureEnvMode in the specs, yet has a different value than Replace (which is also part of TextureEnvMode). Apparently, GL_REPLACE_EXT was used in very old OpenGL implementations (think SGI/Irix) and was part of EXT_texture, whereas GL_REPLACE was promoted to core in OpenGL 1.2.1. Despite my best efforts, I cannot determine whether this difference is genuine or a bug, so I will leave both in TextureEnvMode.

Please reopen if your card supports EXT_texture but ReplaceExt still returns an InvalidValue.