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OpenTK Demo state?

I would like to know the status of the project OpenTK Demo. I think that OpenTK need a demo that demonstrate its potential and OpenTK Demo is a good candidate for this.
So far there are very interesting projects but have not found a project that leaves you open-mouthed, a truly remarkable project.
I think there's a forum post for this topic but I have found.

In the picture (5120 skinned characteres) a striking example of the demo, you can find here and video here.
Too bad that does not include the same example using OpenGL.

Regards, ... Miguel


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Great example! The last few days I try to create an application that uses GPU skinning and instancing.
Eventually I will have to port this demo to OpenTK in order to learn by few advanced OpenGL stuff, I will let you know when I will make something.

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A demo would be nice for marketing reasons, but not essential. OpenTK does not have "potential" in the sense that a 3d engine has potential. It's a low-level binding to OpenGL and exposes all functionality of the API. Any OpenGL demo you see, you can implement with OpenTK.

Why would you use OpenTK? Because you wish to access cross-platform OpenGL from a .Net language.

For some interesting demonstrations that use OpenTK, check out the Kinect World Mapper, the Kinect Point Cloud demo or the BCI Labyrinth. I don't know if anyone has implemented anything similar to the AMD demo you linked, but skinning and instancing is certainly implemented in OpenGL.

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Not to be heavy, I mean the status of the project OpenTK Demo "terrain."

Are you working on it? Where I can find the latest sources?

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You can grab the OpenTK source (including the demo) from the SVN: http://www.opentk.com/project/svn

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I have been exploring the SVN repository but can not find the demo OpenTK sources. Can you tell me where you found it?

Regards, ... Miguel

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All the source code for the examples are specifically in here: https://opentk.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/opentk/trunk/Source/Examples/