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I just found out about this great library (OpenTK of course). I wanted to create a little 3d framework as a basis for some small game ideas i have. I started out wanting to using Managed DirectX, then found out that it is no more supported for C#, i tried the CSGL wrapper, coded a little bit with it, then found out that CSGL was way outdated, and hos afaik no support for VertexBuffers. Somewhere in the middle of all this back and forth I thought about using XNA, then realized that it is very restricted, i don't like that microsoft does not support a C#-wrapper for DirectX.

Finally I recoded my CSGL functions to OpenTK (very easy btw.). Now i have a little engine with a mesh class, vertex-normal calculation, a little float-height-map mesher and that's it. Next will be working on things like classes for camera and materials, including textures (TextureManager Class).

Some things i wanna do using OpenTK:

  • Mesh-generation algorithms
  • Procedural mesh generation
  • Procedural texture generation
  • CSG Operations with meshes
  • and some more...

For now i'm gonna browse on a little and maybe find some more interesting things.

Finally, I wanna thank everyone who made this for free !


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Welcome to OpenTK, it's good to know that there's another OpenTK 3D framework in the works.
I am watching OpenTK projects out there (as far as I can) so I will be very interested to see yours when is released.

Cheers! :D

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If you are interested in mesh stuff, you could have a look at RenderStack and see if there is something you like. Peek inside Geometry namespace. I've got Catmull-Clark and Sqrt(3) subdivision algorithms implemented there for example.

I have not updated the latest version since June, I've added a few things since then, fixed a few bugs in some of the shapes and added noise as you can seen from the preview screenshot:

RenderStack 11.10 preview

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Thank you, i'm gonna take a look at it.