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How to differientiate deprecated functions ?

How can I make the difference between functions that are marked as deprecated in the OpenGL 3+ specs, in OpenTK ?

Thank you :-)


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I don't know if there are any options present in OpenTK that allow you to block all deprecated calls or something like that, but the general approach is to use the API cheat sheet: http://www.khronos.org/files/opengl-quick-reference-card.pdf when I started programming for the core profile, this printed out cheat sheet became my best friend. If you are unsure if a function is deprecated, just look it up (you might as well open it in a pdf reader so you can search for the function's name) - blue functions and parameters are deprecated.

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Great, thanks :-)

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The upcoming version marks deprecated functions in the documentation popup. You can get the latest code directly from svn.

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I just found a few other ways as well,

The 'clean'versions PDFs don't have deprecated features :

According the documentation, in OpenTK there's another way as well, specifying a forward compatible profile for GameWindow, need to try that as well.

Thanks :-)