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Cubaxis Game Engine - My lab to learn OpenGL (and programming)

Hi !
As always, sorry for my strange english (I'm french)

I learn VB programming and OpenGL and this forum is a great help ! Now I think it's time to share my little knowledge with others. So here is an application that include all this knowledge. That's not a finished game engine ! This is just a laboratory/framework mixed in a FPS style application.
I'm just an hobbyist and my programmer skills are limited, so, this is very basic, but it grows as I learn, and I hope the community could help me to improve my OpenGL skills as my programmer ones :)


  • OpenGL 2 and starting to learn/implement shaders GLSL 1.2
  • Custom XML format for scene/meshes (very basic)
  • Using only VBOs
  • FPS camera
  • basic SkyBox
  • Basic terrain from height map
  • Scene tree (nodes with parenting)
  • no physics engine / collisions

This is my "lab", so the code is big with many unused tests and classes, french comments, and could certainly hurt your eyes :) . I haven't created a project page with download code for this reason. I must clean all this, but I can send it if you have courage, good eyes and "aspirine" :D
It could maybe teach basics, but certainly not how to make a game.

I just recently discovered the power of shaders (yes yes I learn :) ... ), and exploring in per-pixel lighting, shadows and all others cool rendering stuff. I hope to be able to implement dynamic shadows, and "pre-computed" shadows (for my terrain). I also try to make my own text rendering, but shaders have open some new perspective now :)

All this would not have been possible without this forum and its members. Thanks to you, this is also the result of work that others have shared before me !
Don't hesitate to ask me the Viasual Basic (2008 .Net 3.5) project (for curious who have solid eyes). But I will make a project page when the code will be cleaned.

SkyBox and terrain
Mesh loading
Another terrain view