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GraphicsContext.CreateDummyContext() throws NullReferenceException.

Hi all,

I'm on winxp, and using the most recent nightly build of OpenTK( v1.1.0.0, 2011-11-11).

I'm trying to use Tao.Glfw & glfw 2.6 to handle my display/input needs. I do the normal initialization stuff with glfw, and then call CreateDummyContext(), which throws a NullReferenceException.

if(Glfw.glfwInit() != 1)
	throw new Exception("glfwInit() failed.");
if(Glfw.glfwOpenWindow(1024,768,8,8,8,8,16,8,Glfw.GLFW_WINDOW) != 1)
	throw new Exception("glfwOpenWindow() failed.");
dummyContext = GraphicsContext.CreateDummyContext();//<---boom!

I've read these similar posts like http://www.opentk.com/node/2713 and http://www.opentk.com/node/1877 . Is this functionality broken, or am I missing something here? If it is broken, will it be fixed anytime soon?

Thanks ahead of time.


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I have met with the same issue.
It is a bug of CreateDummyContext().

I'm using the opentk-2011-11-11.zip, on Windows 7.

I found the solution of this issue.
Some changes are needed in the OpenTK source code.

In "Platform\Dummy\DummyGLContext.cs", replace the constructor
public DummyGLContext(ContextHandle handle)
with this

public DummyGLContext(ContextHandle handle)
    Handle = handle;
private static bool PlatformApiLoaded = false;
private delegate IntPtr GetProcAddress( string functionName );
private static GetProcAddress getProcAdressFunc = null;
private static void InitializeOpentkForDummyContextCreation()
    if( PlatformApiLoaded ) { return; }
    if( Configuration.RunningOnWindows )
        getProcAdressFunc = Platform.Windows.Wgl.GetProcAddres;
        PlatformApiLoaded = true;
    //else if( other platform ){ ... }

and, replace this function
public override IntPtr GetAddress( string function )
with this code

public override IntPtr GetAddress( string function )
    return getProcAdressFunc( function );

And when you creating dummy context, call these code to initialize OpenTK.

IntPtr hRC;// handle of the external rendering context
GraphicsContext dummyContext = GraphicsContext.CreateDummyContext( new ContextHandle( hRC ) );
// Don't use CreateDummyContext() overload.
OpenTK.Platform.IWindowInfo windowInfo = OpenTK.Platform.Utilities.CreateDummyWindowInfo();
dummyContext.MakeCurrent( windowInfo );
// now you can call the OpenTK functions.