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Problem Installing NShader 1.1

Hello! My name is Aaron, and I'm excited to try out OpenTK. It looks really promising.

But when I tried to install it the first time I had Visual Studio 2010 and it threw this error:
"NShader requires Visual Studio 2008 ()"

So I uninstalled everything and tried again after installing Visual Studio 2008.
It threw the same error!

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'm assuming I need NShader 1.1 ...

Can anyone help me out?

Never mind. Turns out I need Visual Studio 2008 Professional to get plugins. I'm using Express because I'm poor and humble. Any work-arounds?


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NShader is an useful 3rd-party component that adds syntax highlighting for glsl shaders to VS professional. It's completely optional.

As an alternative, you can use a standalone shader editor such as Lumina or GLSL Live Editor. Note that you don't actually need that, unless you are going to develop shaders.