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Cloo & GPU & ComputeEvent`s Completed handler issue

Using code like

var events = new ComputeEventList();
queue.Execute(kernel, null, new long[] { len }, null, events);
events.Last.Completed += ComputeFinished;

to execute both on GPU and CPU async contexts (amd, driver version 11.10).
On cpu context it always doing well, but never runs on GPU context.

Are there any solutions to fix this?



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I think this works on Nvidia GPUs, which could mean it is a driver issue. However, let me check again, as soon as I get home tonight.

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Any results?

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I finally got to do some tests. I tried every SDK in my system with these results:
a) Both AMD APP and Intel OpenCL SDK are capable of calling back into the Computed event but,
b) Nvidia's implementation does NOT trigger it!

I tested these callbacks a while ago but I'm not sure if I tested a callback from a GPU. Let me check what's going on.

P.S.: Also, I'm downloading some newer drivers to see if that makes any difference.

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Hm.. I`m using AMD based station to test (phenom x4 + hd4500)
Driver version is 11.10

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It would seem I found the problem. I'll update Cloo in a couple of days.
Thanks for your feedback!

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Fixed in 0.9.1.