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[solved] Integration with Microsoft Kinect SDK

I'm trying to integrate OpenTK with Microsoft Kinect SDK but I can't find the correct way to achieve this. Basically, I need to have access to the main events thrown by the Kinect SDK to fetch the streams and use them with OpenGL/OpenTK. Anyone has done something similar or has an idea?

Thank you.


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But it's using OpenNI, although I can probably get a few ideas from his .NET + OpenTK code...

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Well, for those that may run into the same doubt and skipped OpenTK's manual: I really recommend taking a look at the whole manual to know the basics.

In addition, check the following links that make clear how to integrate Microsoft Kinect SDK + WPF with OpenTK:


And I mark this as solved.

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Thanks for getting back to us, much appreciated! Here's another valuable video resource about the Kinect SDK I came across worth mentioning.

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Thank you. I have a tutorial and code example in my blog, regarding what I was looking for in this thread. If anyone needs something like this, here's the link: http://igordcard.blogspot.com/2011/12/integrating-wpf-and-kinect-with-op... .