Fremder's picture and there problems

Hello -
i working 99% with verry good
begining opengl with tao. ... wrapper

and see in the last weeks tao = OLD
OpenTK its NEW (and better !?)
-> for me importend for the tuture .. ok i GO to OpenTK

BUT the last 10 days i search and search and testing and downloading and and and

nothing for VB or its (sorry ) bullshit ...

then i go to backtotheroots and hope i make a good beginn with simple "beginn"

but after 3 hours its come this:

Vector3.Multiply(ParticleAttributes(i).Direction, CSng(e.Time), temp) ' OK

Vector3.add(VBO(i).Position, temp, VBO(i).Position) ' NOT OK

in c# its with "REF"

but in vb i have no idea ...


and now my simple ask :-)

its OpenTK AND VB a good think or not ?

i found 2 samples ~OpenTK and but NOT ONE its going without errors (not t corect Classes / imports etc.)

sorry for my english :-)

the Samples from openTK its nice ... but when i convert to not going *g*

with TAO i have a good "learningsample" and verry fast in
but convert to openTk its to hard for me :-(

Inline Images
KnotKontrol in


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Each math function in OpenTK has two variants:

  • one variant with two ByVal parameters a return value
  • another variant with three ByRef parameters (the first two as inputs and the last as output).

The ByRef variant is slightly faster but has a few limitations. You'll need to read up on ByRef parameters for the dirty details, but the gist is that you cannot use a ByRef parameter to assign properties, array elements or struct fields, Struct/Class property or array element.

OpenTK is CLS-compliant (for the most part) and people have been using it with VB.Net successfully, so this combination is indeed viable. Do post if you encounter any other issues, feedback from non-C# languages is valuable but limited.

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hi and thanks ...

cls yes or no .. ,its to long way ...

(in the source from OpenTk.Vector3) -> Opentk.dll

i copy the original to

Public Shared Sub AddVB(ByRef a As OpenTK.Vector3, ByRef b As OpenTK.Vector3, ByRef result As OpenTK.Vector3)

then its going ok :-)
Vector3.AddVB(VBO(i).Position, temp, VBO(i).Position)

but i not sure this it's a "good-way" :-)

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Hi Fremder,

you really able to draw the Inline image with can share with me how u do it?