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Create Official OpenTK nuget Package

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions
Category:feature request
Assigned:the Fiddler

Would it be possible to get an official NuGet package for OpenTK? It would be nice for developers wanting to keep unnecessary binary/sources out of repositories.

A version for both stable and a more recent build would be appreciated (for instance I'd be using the "recent" package).


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Totally agree.

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Priority:minor» normal

The current popular nuget packages for OpenTK are based on some github forks. I would appreciate an officially-endorsed nuget package.

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I agree completely, this would reduce the bandwidth usage when pushing to remote repositories for the projects that use OpenTK

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Status:open» confirmed
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Assigned to:Anonymous» the Fiddler
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Status:confirmed» closed

Up-to-date NuGet packages are now available.

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