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OpenTK - Consider donating!

OpenTK users,

A number of forum posts have been asking why OpenTK doesn't have a prominent "donate" button, and I noticed that there is a Paypal-based one at the SourceForge project site.

If you've found OpenTK as useful and high-quality as I have for your .NET/Mono apps, show your appreciation with a donation! If you're a developer using OpenTK in a commercial application, talk to your boss about having your organization make a donation.

As it says on the donation page:

OpenTK is free to use but costs real money to develop and support. If you feel this project is worth it, consider donating a small amount to help it along. Every little bit counts!


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I just donated and all my wildest dreams came true!

But seriously, i did just donate, not a lot but i hope others do as well. I have seen too many promising projects disappear over the years to neglect this gem.

I primarily develop in C# at my day job and have been working on a little C# physics engine in my spare time. After trying a few other libraries, they are all a joke compared to OpenTK. OpenTK's exposure of openGl really makes it feel like im just using another standard .Net API and fits in great with the style of code i want to build and maintain.

I have a pretty awesome commercial project I am working on right now and if i makes some cash i will be sure to throw some more your way. I am not quite ready to share info about the project; maybe in a month or too

Keep up the good work guys!

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I donated some money. I hope that I will donate greater amounts in the following months but for now I am getting warmed up. You need guys to advertise donations better so you can be backed better from the community and even get support from enterprises. I wish some of you make serious bucks to make OpenTK development your main employment. Cheers.