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Building code from SVN

Is there a document outlining how to get and build the code from SVN? It appears the structure in SVN is a little different than the downloaded source code package. For example, I created a Visual C# Express project based on the downlaoded source code, and was trying to use it with code downloaded from the SVN trunk, but there is no GLContext.cs in the SVN tree where I would have expected it. I see that file under "Tags", but the revision number is much smaller, and I'm not familiar with the notion of "tags" so I could use some basic advice in getting and building OpenTK from SVN.


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Check the changelog and the release.txt under Documentation/. These explain the changes you need to get your code to compile (e.g. OpenTK.GLContext has been moved to OpenTK.Graphics.GraphicsContext).

"Tags" are snapshots of actual releases, e.g. tag "0.3.11" contains the code that went into the 0.3.11 release. The highest tag always corresponds to the latest available release.

We changed version numbers after 0.3.13 to reflect the maturing codebase (0.3.13 is the direct ancestor of 0.9.0).