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Do you know, how to find out if a DisplayDevice offers "quad buffer" ???

Dear members of this forum,

Within a computer two graphics adaptors are running.
One has a quad buffer (for stereo displayment), the other is a "normal" one.

Does anybody know, how to find out, which of the two Displays has the quad buffer power during software runtime?

My first trial was to check the displays with

IList Displays= DisplayDevice.AvailableDisplays;
(in my case I do have two DisplayDevices in the same computer: Displays[0] and Displays[1] )

and investigate the params there. But I did not found an informaton like "hasQuadBuffer" or something like that :-)

Do you have any hints how to check on which DisplayDevice is "QuadBuffer" available or not?

I'd be glad for any advice.

Thanks in advance.


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To the best of my knowledge, this information is generally not available beforehand. If the GPU is quad-buffer enabled, then you can create quad-buffer contexts on any display. Otherwise, it might be possible to infer this from the maximum refresh rate of the display (stereo monitors are generally capable of 120Hz, whereas regular monitors are limited to 60 or 75Hz).

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You can also create a context and call GL.GetBooleanv with first argument GL_STEREO to determine if both left and right buffers are supported.

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Passive and autostereoscopic stereo displays have normal (60Hz) input scan rates. Videocard w/o quad-buffer support may be used with display tuned to 120Hz.

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Thank you for your answer,

well I have implemented this and it works. On the other hand, it have a feeling like walking on quicksand with this solution

Have a nice day.

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Hi there!

Coool, I'll try it out.

Thank you for your answer.
Whish you allways "a bit before ram - end"
(Very free translation of german saying "Handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel" :-)

Have a nice day.