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How to generate a .png texture

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I am using Meshomatic to load an .obj model and attach a texture.
Until now, I can use the two examples ("cube.obj" with texture "cube.png", and "test.obj" with texture "test.png").

I would like to make the project work with other 3d models. But I have a problem with the texture.

I have seen on the web different tools that creates .obj and .mtl files, but none of them makes a texture like your "cube.png" and "test.png" files.

Can I ask you how did you make these .png files? Did you use any 3d tool to do it?

Thanks in advance.

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This reply is somewhat belated, my apologies...
.png files are just image files, similar to .jpg or .bmp's, but generally considered superior for computer graphics since they don't use lossy compression and nicely handle things like transparency. You can make them with any image editor, such as GIMP or Paint.NET.

Once you've drawn your texture on the image file, you have to include UV data in your mesh file that tells how the image should be 'wrapped' around it. This is usually done with 'unwrapping' tools in your 3D modelling program (I use Wings3D, but Blender or just about anything should be able to do it). Usually you use this to figure out how the faces of your model are going to unfold onto a flat surface and save that as an image, then use Photoshop or whatever to draw your texture onto the image.