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GLControl dispose problems on linux

I'm using a control that inherits from GLControl in a Windows / Linux app. Everything works fine in windows.
In linux (openSuse 10.3, Mono 1.2.6), when the application closes, I have a problem. If I call DestroyContext, the application crashes. If I don't call DestroyContext, the application appears to close just fine, but is actually hung up somewhere, as I have to terminate it manually.

The application was created in WinXP on VisualStudio2005. I'm testing it in Linux using the MonoDevelop IDE. The crash message I'm getting is "add-symbol-file-from-memory not supported for this target" which I think is mono's way of saying a null reference exception.

The GLControl is embedded in the main form, just like any other control. It operates perfectly fine during operation. The only issue is on close.

Any thoughts?


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Thanks, I can confirm the problem on openSuse 10.3 / Mono 1.2.6, and am trying to track it down. I haven't been able to reproduce it on Ubuntu 7.10 / Mono 1.2.6, which is a bit worrying, though.

I have never seen the string "add-symbol-file-from-memory not supported for this target" before. It looks like this is produced by gdb, which might indicate an error in the lower layers of the Mono stack (the garbage collector maybe..?)

I'll report back as soon as I have more information (Mono desperately needs a debugger...)

Edit: you are using OpenTK 0.9.0, right?

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I am using 0.9.0. And I agree, it desperately needs a debugger! :)