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i'm new to opentk ,
i've browsed forums and blogs to find best way to load models from file (ms3d, x3d, 3DMLW ...)
and found meshomatic that has support for collada and ms3d but it has errors when i try to load.

is there another way to load model from file then to create parser?


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One of the most popular mesh loading libraries is Assimp ( It is a C++ library, but there is a .NET wrapper available for it. However, Assimp requires quite some previous knowledge to use and implement everything you need. If you are unfamiliar with model loaders, you might have some troubles with Assimp.

If you only need one format and not support for a wide range of model formats, you should look for a loader code for that format only, this is usually the best way to avoid the trouble of too big libraries.