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Vertex Buffer Objects

Hello All,
I'm about to start working on a project where I need to improve 2D graphics response for high channel count analog/digital sampled data (C#) . I've read a little bit about Vertex Buffer Objects and think this is the direction I want to go. What I need to be able to accomplish is, read samples/trace data from an array, display each trace sequentially on a graph i.e. trace numbers across the top (x) and trace length(milliseconds) along (y), then be able to display possibly 5,000-10,000 traces in one window, then if possible be able to drag the mouse to move across the display area and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

At this point I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to accomplish this using OpenTK (if it's possible), just need a nudge in the right direction....

Thanks in Advance


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I think for 10.000 OpenGL calls you could have good speed with immediate mode.

Also the rendering detail depends on the zoom level, so you can calculate it on the fly.

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Thanks Flopoloco.